Our mission is to simplify your life and allow you more time to do the things you love.


Christin Milan Boutique Concierge provides personal assistant services and corporate concierge services for individuals and businesses throughout the Orange County and San Diego area. We know how busy you are and we are here to save you time and keep you focused on the things that matter to you. We help busy individuals and companies manage their lives by taking care of the things that they cannot manage or don’t want to manage. We run your everyday errands as well as manage one-of-a-kind tasks. We develop close relationships with our clients and cater our services to each person or business’ personal needs and requests.

Attention to detail and expert researching abilities drive the quality service provided by Christin Milan Boutique Concierge, but it's owner and founder, Christin Milan's outgoing and loving nature that keep her clients coming back for years. Christin’s California upbringing, experience as a personal assistant, high-end level of taste, and extensive contact base, allow her to find the best of Orange County and San Diego County for her clients. Christin is on a never-ending mission to find the hippest, most efficient and simple solutions for EVERYTHING. She and her team know the best places to obtain baked goods, gourmet food, gifts, toys, clothes, decor and more and are therefore able to provide high-quality service. If you are looking to utilize the best tailor, auto repair service, manicurist, fitness center, carpet cleaner or other service, Christin and her team will find you the perfect fit. Christin Milan Boutique Concierge will also help you with services including making travel arrangements, taking your car to be repaired, waiting for a home service provider, house sitting, pet sitting, organizing a dinner party, planning a meeting, and much, much more… For Christin Milan and her team of specialists, there is no task, too big or too odd for them to assist clients with.

Christin Milan and her team serve clients throughout Orange County and San Diego County, California, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.


  • Jennifer M., Laguna Beach
    Christin is an awesome concierge.  She is on top of all logistics, pro-active in identifying the best way to manage just about anything and get's the job done efficiently and effectively.  She also does it with a smile and a positive attitude.  I can't think of a better person to manage logistically challenging projects.  What you will get is someone who is dependable to the core.  A large or small project that may now seem daunting becomes enjoyable with Christin in charge (AND IT GETS DONE).
    Jennifer M., Laguna Beach
  • Cynthia O., Newport Beach
    Christin is a trustworthy, resourceful person who will develop a creative plan to solve your problems or meet your personal goals. I would hire Christin again and have recommended her to numerous friends.
    Cynthia O., Newport Beach
  • Stuart S., Newport Beach
    Christin is fantastic and very organized, she is personable and cares about her work and ensuring that she achieves great results for her clients.  She is very loyal and trustworthy.
    Stuart S., Newport Beach
  • Kaitlyn K., Sacramento
    Christin is a multidimensional gem, as in she is gifted on both sides of her brain. Both, a right brain heart glowing people person and a left brain organized, all in one. She is a unique and desirable combo.
    Kaitlyn K., Sacramento
  • Mike P., Huntington Beach
    Christin is a rock star, plain and simple. I have utilized her services and leveraged her expertise on a number of occasions to take care of projects both large and small. Time and time again, she has exceeded my expectations and taken care of all of the details. I have learned that I no longer have to worry when she is on the job, as she thinks everything through and delivers without fail. I continue to call her on a weekly basis and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a concierge.
    Mike P., Huntington Beach